A student’s academic performance can be influenced by many factors in and out of school. Brighton’s counseling program is designed to support the academic, social, emotional and executive functioning growth of all its students.

The program’s goal is to help our students develop a strong sense of self, learn self-advocacy skills, and a clear understanding of their strengths in and out of the classroom. Brighton has one school counselor on staff. In addition to working with the student population, the counselor is available to provide support to parents and teachers.

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  • Classroom Guidance Counseling

    Brighton’s school counselor regularly provides guidance lessons to students in grades K-12 on a variety of topics. This social-emotional curriculum is based upon the standards set forth by the American School Counselor Association’s Mindsets and Behaviors for Student Success and the needs as assessed within our Brighton community.

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  • Individual and Group Counseling

    The counselor is available to speak to students individually by student, parent, teacher, or counselor request. These sessions are short-term and solution-focused to address any academic or personal/social needs. If there is a need for ongoing therapeutic services, the counselor will assist the family with referrals to mental health providers in the community.

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  • College and Career Counseling

    The counselor provides information to students and families on postsecondary options and application procedures. The counselor coordinates events such as college recruiter visits, career day, college field trips, and other postsecondary awareness events.