Message from Our Director of Therapies

We are so glad you have found The Brighton School and are interested in what we have to offer! What sets Brighton apart from the other schools in the area is our therapeutic approach to meeting the needs of your learning different child. Our program is strategically designed to remediate language-processing needs through an Orton-Gillingham- based, structured, and comprehensive methodology that includes multi-sensory, explicit, and direct instruction of the English language. Orton-Gillingham principles are essential for effective reading remediation of a dyslexic student. It follows a logical order of the English language, sequencing from the most basic foundational skills to skills that are more difficult. Brighton’s teachers are trained dyslexia teachers, Certified Academic Language Practitioners, and Certified Academic Language Therapists. Therapeutic approaches are taught throughout the school day in all classes.

There is not one program that meets the needs of every child; therefore, The Brighton School uses three Orton-Gillingham programs. All three programs teach phonology and phonological awareness, sound-symbol association, syllable instruction, morphology, syntax, semantics, and handwriting. They also address working memory, processing speed, and auditory processing. All three programs are evidence-based, with years of data showing success with dyslexic students. Placement in one of these programs is determined based on individual needs.

As our students work through our therapeutic programs, we guide each student toward mastery using diagnostic and prescriptive teaching and careful monitoring. Brighton develops an individualized service plan based on a student’s psycho-educational evaluation to establish necessary classroom accommodations and to guide teachers in their instructional planning and preparation.

I would welcome the opportunity to share more information about our therapeutic programs. Please contact me at or at 225-291-2524 Ext. 507.

Theresa Hastings
Director of Therapies and Testing