Meet Us


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  • Kenneth Henderson, M. Ed.

    Executive Director
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  • Cheryl Ollmann, M. Ed., CALT

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  • Chris Counts, CAA

    Dean of Students and Athletic Director
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  • Theresa Hastings, MAT, CALT

    Director of Therapies and Testing
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  • Angelle High, BA

    Director of Enrollment
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  • Renee' Yesso, M. Ed., LPC, NCC

    School Counselor
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  • Sharon Blevins

    Business Office Manager
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  • Darren Blevins

    Director of Facilities and Maintenance
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  • Nicole Ezeff

    School Secretary/After Care Director
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  • Charles Byrd


Elementary Faculty

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Middle School Faculty

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High School Faculty

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  • Eileen Cranfield, MS

    Mathematics 9th - 12th
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  • Kathleen DaQuanno, BS

    Social Studies 9th - 12th 
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  • Kimberly Parsiola, BS

    Science 9th - 12th
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  • Tanya Johansen Landry, BS

    Mathematics 8th - 12th, ACT Prep 11th and 12th
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  • Bernice Cooper, LSCI

    American Sign Language 5th - 8th, 10th - 11th
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Reading Therapy Personnel

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Ancillary Personnel

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  • Brent Lax, BA

    Physical Education 1st - 12th, Girls Basketball Coach
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  • Carmen Vessel

  • Fred Parker, BA

    Art 1st - 12th, Cross Country Coach, Soccer Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach
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  • Cristal Thomas

    Music Teacher
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  • Clayton Counts, BA

    Physical Education Teacher
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Board Members - Executive Committee

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Board of Directors - 2021-22

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Board Members - Ex-Officio

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  • Kenneth Henderson

    Executive Director (non-voting)
  • Janie Keller

    Past President (non-voting)