Welcome to The Brighton School Elementary Division. Nestled in our beautiful new facility, our elementary students in grades 1 through 5 learn and grow together in a safe, joyful and challenging learning environment.
Our highly trained, committed educators understand the needs of students who learn differently and are well prepared to nurture your child’s academic, social and emotional development.  Our low teacher to student ratios, 1 to 8 per section in our early grades and 1 to 12 per section in our upper elementary classrooms, enable our teachers to meet the needs of each child in the way they learn best.

Our Students' Schedules

Our hallways are celebrations of student accomplishments, and our classrooms are bustling with all types of learning opportunities.  Our day begins with Morning Meeting, a time for students to practice the many social skills they will need throughout the day.  After, students engage in lessons that integrate visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile experiences in all areas of the academic curriculum.  Building the place value system with Base 10 blocks to help students conceive of what one million-unit cubes would look like, sky-writing key vocabulary words from a unit on animal adaptations, or forming cursive letters on memory boards while saying a letter name and making the corresponding letter sound are but a few examples of how we incorporate the senses as a primary teaching tool for students who learn differently.

The Perfect Environment for Students

At Brighton, many of our students have the need to move, and accommodating that need is vital to their academic success.  Our elementary classrooms have a variety of unconventional seating alternatives, so students can discover what works best for them.  Wobble chairs, standing desks, chair bands, and stability balls serve as tools that satisfy a child’s need to move while simultaneously allowing them to learn.

We celebrate the differences our students bring to our classrooms, and we welcome the opportunity to make school a wonderful place to be for every student.  We invite you to come by the school for a tour, so you can see what makes The Brighton School the only choice in Baton Rouge for students with learning differences.