Renée Yesso, School Counselor

Master in School Counseling: Louisiana State University
Renee’ has been at The Brighton School since 2016 serving as the school counselor for grades k-12.  Renee’s credentials are impressive.  She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor.  As the school counselor, Renee’ provides counseling services to students and group of students.  In addition, Renee’ is the school’s ACT testing coordinator, college counselor, and IAP/504 Service Plan coordinator.  Before coming to Brighton, she worked both as a middle and high school counselor and worked in private practice.  She is passionate about working with all students in regard to their academic, college/career, and social/emotional needs through individual, group, and classroom sessions. 

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  • Classroom Guidance Counseling

    Brighton’s school counselor regularly provides guidance lessons to students in grades K-12 on a variety of topics.  This social-emotional curriculum is based upon the standards set forth by the American School Counselor Association’s Mindsets and Behaviors for Student Success and the needs as assessed within our Brighton community.

Counseling Mission Statement

The mission of The Brighton School counseling program is to provide a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate, and proactive counseling program.  This program addresses the academic, college/career, and personal/social development and needs of all students.  Through collaborative efforts with students, families, the school, and the community, it is the school counselor's belief that every student can succeed.  The school counselor strives to empower students to reach their greatest potential in preparation for lifelong learning in a changing world.