Middle School

The Middle School Experience

Middle School is marked by dramatic intellectual, physical, and social/emotional growth and extraordinary change.

The Middle School faculty at Brighton understands the complexity of the middle school years and work together to provide a safe, nurturing, and secure environment in which to grow and learn. Navigating complex friendships and beginning involvement in the growing number of extra-curricular activities offered are common experiences during the middle school years. The division’s skilled teaching faculty recognizes the importance of social interaction, creates a predictable and organized structure for learning, and provides opportunities for achievement in and out of the classroom.

Middle school can be full of ups and downs for young adolescents. So that we can help our students navigate the great change that occurs during the middle school years, we value fostering a sense of positive belonging and significance in each of our students. With no more than twelve students in a class, we know our students well. The knowledge gained through strong student relationships help us guide the children through the many changes before them.

Middle School students begin their day with Morning Meeting, a time to learn about and focus upon skills, attitudes and structures that support the growth and development of their executive functions. Attention to these areas continue into the classroom setting and are reinforced with further teaching throughout their classes. Academically, students continue their educational journey as they progress toward more abstract and complex learning.

Though older, their learning differences remain. Our students continue to need the benefits of a multisensory approach and interactive learning structures that increase the opportunities for student conversation and interaction around academic content designed to prepare them for the challenges of high school.

At Brighton, we build confidence and competency.