Giant Steps Selects Brighton to Pilot Innovative Software

Giant Steps Selects Brighton to Pilot Innovative Software

The Brighton School is proud to announce that it has been chosen as one of the few schools nationwide to pilot Giant Steps software in Lisa Pritchard's high school English class. This innovative software enhances students' writing, reading comprehension, and other subject skills, providing personalized feedback and interactive activities that help students become more confident and effective communicators and learners.
The software's creators selected The Brighton School for its strong commitment to providing innovative learning opportunities for its students. In addition, the school's reputation for excellence in language arts instruction, along with other subjects and its focus on preparing students for success in the 21st century, made it the perfect choice for this pilot program.

Giant Steps software uses a unique approach to teaching language arts and other subjects, which involves personalized feedback and interactive activities.

A K-12 Coach explained that Giant Steps is “curated for each student, the custom learning experiences give students a chance to practice, play, and grow on their own terms and at their own pace.”

The Brighton School is honored to have been selected for this prestigious pilot program and is committed to continuing to provide its students with innovative learning opportunities that prepare them for success in the digital age come to life.

“My students have been enjoying testing out Giant Steps. Not only is the program helpful for reviewing, but they have fun competing against each other and personalizing their avatars. Most of all, they appreciated being part of the Innovation Incubator because they were able to provide feedback to the developers and see some of their change.” stated Lisa Pritchard.