Class of 2023 Capstone Presentations

The class of 2023 presented their Capstone Presentations on Thursday, May 4th. We are extraordinarily proud of these students and all of the hard work each of them put into their capstone projects.

The complete roster of our students and the titles of their capstone presentations are listed below.

Amelia LeBlanc
"Exercise is Beneficial for Your Mental Health"

Estelle Abel
"Music Therapy: Music's Effect on the Human Mind and Body"

Russell Bender
"Why People Should Go Out to Plant a Tree to Help Reduce the Carbon Output"

Sid Bowden
"How Nuclear Energy is Best for America"

Nobel Broussard
"Marine Biology"

Ian Carville
"Apprenticeships are Better for Kids with ADHD Rather than College"

James Case
"Is Welding Important to the World"

Max Decell
"The Art of Duck Calling"

Caroline Fazende
"Accuracy of the MBTI"

Grace Welbourn
"Impacts of Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum on Children and Adolescents"

Blake Rossnagel
"Teens Need Faith in God"

Mary Catherine Pinac
"Sustainability in the Fashion Industry"

Jake Picard
"Child Custody: How the Child Custody Process Impacts Children and Their Families"

Jewell Phelps
"The Advancements of Virtual Reality"

Jackson Landry
"The History of the Bass Fishing Rod"

Bailee Johnson
"Becoming an Aesthetician"

Alexandra Garrison
"Dental Hygiene: It's Not Just About Pretty Teeth"

Amiri Fontenot
"The Business Aspect of YouTube"