Elizabeth Harp, CALP

Second Grade
Master of Arts in Teaching, Pre-kindergarten – Fifth Grade: Louisiana State University

Elizabeth is in her seventh year of teaching. She joined Brighton’s elementary team in 2018 teaching second grade. Elizabeth has looped with her students and is now teaching them as third graders. Prior to Brighton, Elizabeth taught second grade at Children’s Charter School in Baton Rouge for five years. In her quest to meet the needs of all her students, Elizabeth has been trained in three Orton-Gillingham methods including Sequential English Education, The Association Method and Alphabetic Phonics. In addition, Elizabeth has received extensive teaching in embedding Montessori style practices in her classroom and is presently working on completing requirements for certification as a Certified Academic Language Practitioner. Her goal for her classroom is to establish a culture of belonging, significance and fun in her students. Elizabeth strives to engage all students in active learning through small group and center-based learning experiences.