Student Life

Honor Code

Honor Code

“As a student at Brighton, I pledge not to lie, cheat, or steal.”
Nothing is more central to the Brighton mission in developing scholarship and character than the Honor Code. Through it, we seek to instill in students an active regard for the standards of personal integrity, trust, and responsibility to both community and self. Being honest with oneself and with others is essential in building the relationships of trust that are the core of a healthy, ethical school community, and is an essential expectation of The Brighton School and the individuals who attend it.


Words, Actions, Thoughts, Character, Habits
With the Honor Code being the foundation of our overall Honor System, implimenting these pillars of character development is vital for a healthy school community.  We have adopted the "WATCH" student wellness program from Porter-Gaud School (SC).

WATCH Prayer

May our WORDS be full of truth and kindness,
our ACTIONS gracious and honorable,
our THOUGHTS unselfish and charitable,
our CHARACTER noble and upright,
and our HABITS virtuous,
that our school family may grow in faith, honor, and knowledge,
as we WATCH together in all things.