Brighton Welcomes 10 New Faculty Members

As the 2022-23 school begins, we are excited to welcome 10 new faculty members to our Brighton Family!

The elementary division is home to six new faculty members. Our new 2nd grade teachers are Bailey Laird and Emily DuBoulay, and our new 3rd grade teachers are Courtney Barish and Kimberlyn Richardson.  Our elementary division is completed by Whitley Mayeux, our new 4th grade teacher, and Dawn Poche, our new 5th grade teacher.  

Additionally, we welcome Gabriela Curry, who is teaching 7th and 8th grade, Lisa Prichard, who will teach high school English, and Katie Fowler, who will lead the Jump Start program. 

As part of our PE and Athletic Program, we are pleased to welcome Tiffany Bibby. Aside from leading PE, Tiffany will also serve as the girl's volleyball coach for Brighton.   

Please be sure to welcome these new faculty members when you see them on campus and we look forward to another fantastic school year teaching our wonderful students!