Admissions Process


For more than three decades our mission has been the education and development of the whole student, empowering students to achieve. Our students are taught using the most current research-based practices to target strengths as well as differences. At The Brighton School, we believe all students can learn given the proper tools to reach their full potential.

Who Should Apply?

To be considered for enrollment, all students are required to have a current psychoeducational evaluation administered by a licensed psychologist with a diagnosis of dyslexia or other related learning difference. The psychoeducational evaluation is considered current if completed within the last three years. The evaluation must include an IQ test with scores of average to above-average intelligence. A copy of this evaluation is required for admission and will be reviewed to determine if your child meets the entrance criteria for our school. There can be no major behavioral or emotional issues that would interfere with the learning of the student or other students in the classroom.

When to Apply

The Brighton School encourages families to begin the application process as soon as they determine a need and desire to attend. Placement will be made based on acceptance and current class capacity/availability. Students who are accepted but not placed will be added to the Waiting List and receive priority during Open Registration for the next school year.