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About Dyslexia
Dyslexia is a difference in learning that results in an individual having difficulty with language skills, particularly reading. It can also cause difficulty in other language skills such as spelling, writing, and pronouncing words.  Dyslexia stems from variations in brain structure and function that result in the brain processing information in a unique way. Many people with this learning difference are of above-average intelligence, capable of extraordinary thinking, and are extremely successful once they learn some coping strategies.
Some indicators of dyslexia include:
  • difficulty learning to speak,
  • difficulty pronouncing words,
  • difficulty matching letters and sounds,
  • difficulty following oral directions,
  • difficulty with spelling,
  • inability to recognize words and letters on paper,
  • a reading ability well below expected level,
  • problems memorizing,
  • poor handwriting and other motor skills,
  • poor ability to organize.
Keep in mind that each person is different and will have a unique combination of abilities.  Children with dyslexia have many strengths and talents and grow up to be successful adults with rewarding careers.  
A professional evaluation is crucial to your child’s success.  The results will include a diagnosis and recommendations that will help you determine which school and accommodations best fit your child’s needs. You cannot cure your child of dyslexia, but you can help make it possible for him to achieve his goals and succeed in school and in life.