The Brighton School

Building Brighton
Your child has dyslexia.  If you or someone you know has received this news, you know how shocking and confusing it can be-- for both the parent and the child. It is an "answer" that creates even more questions:  What is dyslexia?  Will my child outgrow it?  How do I help my child?
Generous giving allows us to offer hope to families and fulfill a need in our community and surrounding areas.  Parents need resources who can work with them to evaluate their child's needs and determine the best path for their education.  That is what we do at The Brighton School. 
The Brighton School is an independent school that is fiscally self-sufficient. We rely on funds generated through tuition and fees, fund-raising campaigns, and grants to support our ongoing operation and infrastructure needs.  For three decades our school has grown stronger through the generosity of our friends, families, and neighbors who are committed to developing the potential of our students.