The Brighton School

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is a psycho-educational evaluation?

A psycho-educational evaluation is a formal diagnostic assessment by a licensed psychologist. This evaluation is useful when a student is experiencing significant academic difficulty. Tests measure cognitive strengths and weaknesses and emotional processes. This evaluation can determine the causes and, most likely, solutions for significant academic difficulties. The testing is often used to identify learning differences, which are characterized by a significant disparity between an individual’s learning ability in one area compared to his/her learning abilities in other areas. Examples include dyslexia, auditory processing disorder and disorder of written expression (dysgraphia). The results of this evaluation are used to create a specific treatment program in order to help the individual remediate areas of relative weakness and also compensate for them by developing strategic use of strengths. A psychological report to include comprehensive documentation and recommendations can be released, with the parent’s permission, to the student’s medical doctor and/or the student’s school. The evaluation must include an I.Q. test. This is needed to determine if your child has average to above average intelligence.
2. Where can my child be given a psycho-educational evaluation?

The evaluation is performed by a licensed/certified Psychologist. To obtain a list of frequently used psychologists, please email at
3. What type of transportation do you provide?

The Brighton School does not provide bus service. You may contact the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board for a public school bus schedule.
4. Where do I get uniforms?

All uniforms must be purchased at School Time. They are located at 7745 Jefferson Highway in Baton Rouge.
5. What documents are needed at the time of registration?

• original transcript from the current or previous school
• birth certificate
• social security card
• current immunization record