The Brighton School

1-6 Activities

The students have Art once a week. They work on a variety of projects. During Parent-Teacher Conferences, some of the student’s art work is displayed in the hallways.  Each Spring there is an art show that showcases the talent of every student.

Students prepare for and participate in music programs throughout the year.  At Christmas, each class performs a skit, song, poem, etc. that is themed for Christmas. At the end of every year, the students also perform songs and skits. Each year has a different theme.

Brighton News

Brighton News is a morning announcements show that is broadcast on a closed-circuit TV channel here at Brighton. Each day a different student is selected to be a co-anchor, read the weather, and read the lunch menu. The students really feel like “movie stars” when they’re on camera.

Spirit Store

Spirit Store is held on a day during a designated month and students are allowed to purchase candy and drinks from the store. They use Bengal Tickets to purchase the items. Bengal Tickets are rewarded to those students who have had good behavior throughout the week.


D.A.R.E. is a series of classroom lessons that teaches children how to resist peer pressure and live productive drug- and violence-free lives.  Each year our 5th grade students go through the D.A.R.E. program.  Upon completion they participate in the D.A.R.E. graduation ceremony which parents are invited to attend.

Book Fair
Our annual Scholastic Book Fair is a celebration of reading.  Students take part in a week full of fun activities. There’s always a wonderful selection of books to choose from.  Students are encouraged to discover new worlds and journey on new adventures when they open up a book and read.

Fall Festival

A fun-filled day for the students with games, a rock wall,  a cake walk, prizes and more! The students look forward to Fall Festival every year.

Grandparents Day
Each year we host our Grandparents Day in November and invite Brighton grandparents to come and have lunch with their grandchildren. The students turn in pictures of themselves with their grandparents and a slideshow is shown during lunch.

Mardi Gras Parade
6th graders and their K-1 buddies decorate wagons which they use as floats. The 6th graders pull the K-1 students in the wagons and throw out beads, and trinkets. 

Pet Show

Students enter their pet(s) in the Pet Show. They walk with their pets and show them off. Teachers judge categories such as “Best in Show”, “Friendliest”, “Loudest Bark”, and “Best Dressed” just to name a few.  Every pet wins a prize!

End of Year Party

At the end of each year, we plan a fun day for the whole campus. We have snowballs, Games 2 U, obstacle courses, etc. It’s a fun way to celebrate the end of a good school year.
Moving On Ceremony

At the end of every school year, our 6th grade class has a graduation ceremony that we call the Moving On Ceremony. It signifies the students “moving on” from the elementary campus to the high school campus. Each student receives a certificate and an award.