The Brighton School

Who We Are
The Brighton School is the only 1-12 school in Louisiana dedicated solely to the instruction of children with dyslexia and dyslexia-related learning differences. We are a non-profit, independent school committed to the education of bright and talented students.
Our goal is to lead and support our students in achieving their full academic and personal potential. Emphasis is placed on preparing our students for success beyond our campus.
Our primary focus is meeting the unique educational needs of students with dyslexia and related disorders by offering a multisensory program, small class sizes, and a structured environment.
Our programs fill a critical need for students in our community and surrounding areas. The curriculum and methodology are based on the latest findings of ongoing research sponsored by the National Institutes of Child Health and Development. This same research documents that 15% to 20% of students have dyslexia and other related learning differences and many will have difficulty achieving academic success in a traditional classroom. Yet, these intelligent and creative students have the potential to be future leaders of our community. By developing students of such potential The Brighton School is an asset to the Greater Baton Rouge community.